Funeral etiquette

Funerals are an emotional time and should be treated with respect. However, if you have never attended a funeral before, it can be helpful to consider etiquette for a funeral, such as what to wear or what to say.

If you are unsure, you can always speak with Grace Funerals staff and we can offer guidance.

Offer your condolences

It can be difficult to know what to say when someone has passed, but it is important to express your sympathies and offer your condolences. You could consider sending a card or letter, phone call or even simply a text to let them know you are there.

If you are a close family member or friend, you may offer to support the family with preparing a meal or picking up children from school while arrangements are being made. If you are not well known to the family, remember to introduce yourself and explain how you knew the loved one.

Be respectful

On arrival approach the family and express your sympathy with an embrace or by offering your hand. Talking about their loved one can help the grieving process to begin. After you’ve offered your condolences to the family, it’s perfectly appropriate to engage in quiet conversation with friends. Be respectful to other mourners and keep your voice down when having conversations.

Sign the memorial book

If you attend the funeral or memorial service, you should sign the memorial book. A memorial book provides the family a record of who attended, you may wish to add a reference of how you know the loved one such as company or church name.

Find out the dress code

Traditionally, people wear black to a funeral. However, some families request people attending a specific colour to celebrate a passion of the deceased. Take a moment to find out the dress code in advance of the funeral.

Turn off or place phones on silent

Turn your mobile phone off or place it on silent before walking into the funeral.