Take the pressure off your family

Why pre-plan?

Many people have a will prepared, however this is not usually read until after the funeral. Making plans early and communicating wishes to family or friends in advance, can take the difficult decision making and pressure away from your family during a difficult time.

We can provide you with clear and transparent information on your options so you can have the knowledge to design your memorial the way you want to be remembered.

When you pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral to beat future price rises. There are no age or health restrictions, and this will not impact on your pension entitlements.

Pre-paid funeral

A pre-paid funeral is where you plan and pay for your funeral service at today’s prices. This will protect your family from the financial burden, when time comes. Your family will not have to pay for any additional expenses, unless they choose to add extras to the service. The funds are  secured to Foresters Financial. For more information about pre-paid funerals visit Foresters Financial.

Pre-arranged funeral

A pre-arranged funeral is where you plan, design and document the funeral you would like to have. No payment is required, and at the time of need your family will be able to use what you have planned but will have to bear the full cost of the funeral at the current prices. Alternatively, you could give your family peace of mind and invest in a funeral bond.

Funeral bond

If you are interested in a pre-arranged funeral, you make the arrangement to pay for the pre-paid funeral through a funeral bond. A funeral bond is where you deposit regular payments, or an amount and leave it to earn interest. These funds can converted into to a pre-paid funeral (at a later date) or your family can use this bond to pay for all or part of your full funeral. Learn more about funeral bonds with Foresters Financial.


Contact us to request more information on pre-planning, or call us on (02) 9953 6900 to speak with one of our team who can talk you through the options.