Let us create your vision

The type of service you choose is only limited by your imagination. While some people prefer a more traditional or religious service others are looking for different ways to say goodbye. Whatever your preference we will work with you to deliver a service that reflects the personality and beliefs of the person who has passed.


The funeral ceremony is usually held in a Church or Chapel, followed by a cremation or burial at a cemetery of your choice.

A viewing before the ceremony can be arranged, immediately before the ceremony or in the days leading up to it.

The Church Clergy or Funeral Celebrant will lead the service, readings and hymns.


Many families opt for a contemporary funeral held in venues such as golf clubs, parks, national parks (whatever you can imagine).

We can develop a customised funeral service and ritual with you to celebrate and remember your loved one.

This could include readings, prayers, rites and songs.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is when we have a funeral but your loved one is not present. Typically a cremation or burial has taken place before the memorial service.

We can create a beautiful service, in any location, at any time to honour your loved one.

We can help you personalise the memorial through the location, celebrant or MC, music, flowers and theme.

Graveside Burial Services

A burial service is held in your chosen cemetery, by the graveside.

Alternatively, you can have the burial prior to service. This is suitable for those who wish for a Private Committal.

We will provide chairs, PA and sound system and a canopy to protect from the sun or rain.


Prior to the cremation, a ceremony is usually held in a church or chapel. We will the continue to the Crematorium for a private cremation. The ashes are collected and returned to the family at a later time.

Living Wake

So, you have been given the news that we all dread. Have you thought about having one final party that you can attend and celebrate your life with  friends and family?

We can help you throw one great party, we can source venues and act as your event planner. We can also arrange a more formalised occasion with speeches and catering.

Ashes Scatterings

Once the funeral is over and some time has passed you may wish to scatter the ashes in an intimate ceremony.

We can assist you with scatterings at sea or in a treasured location.

It could be formal or informal occasion. We can arrange everything or leave you to it.

Body Donation

Donating one’s body to medical research is a unique gift to future generations.¬† We understand the importance of a ceremony or service to assist with the grieving process.

For more information about body donation please see the Macquarie Universities program details here: Macquarie University Body Donation Program

Anniversary Services

Honouring a loved one on their first after-life anniversary can be a special occasion to remember your loved one.

We can help plan an event from golf days to charity fun runs, memorial service or remembrance ceremony.